Cloud Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing has been around for a long time but it has traditionally only been accessible to big companies with big budgets.

The only video technology affordable enough for the typical small-to-medium-sized businesses has been consumer-grade point-to-point solutions. To do high-quality, full-motion, multi-point video, expensive video bridges and codecs have been required, and that eliminated video as a viable technology for most businesses…until now.

Once again, enter the Cloud.  By moving the bridge and codec function to the Cloud, and spreading that investment across a large base of users, the cost for video conferencing has plummeted. And now with advanced mobility solutions, participants can join high-quality video conferences from anywhere.

Terrapin has several Cloud-based video conferencing solutions available for our customers.

SimpleSignal – HD Multi-point Video Conferencing
Utilizing Polycom’s award-winning VVX 1500 Business Media phones, setting up a multi-party video conference is now as simple as making a phone call. With the bridge in the Cloud, all you need is this amazing video phone at the edge. With it’s large 7” touch screen, you an effectively have 6 to 8 parties on a conference, each participant in their own window. For the cost of one domestic business trip, you can outfit an executive with the VVX and make on-demand video conferencing, anywhere in the world, a reality.

Appia Video Communicator (AVC)
If you’ve been looking for a video communication solution for your company or organization, you have probably found that there are two main options:

  • Low cost, low quality PC-based services like Skype, WebEx, and MegaMeeting
  • High cost, high quality conference room solutions like Cisco Telepresence, HP Halo, Polycom and Tandberg

AVC fills the gap by providing a low cost, high quality solution that can be used at both low resolutions for travelers with limited bandwidth, and at high resolutions for a telepresence experience in a conference room. AVC uses an implementation of the H.264 codec, which Appia developed from the ground up specifically for real-time voice and video applications.

Video Conferencing has never been more affordable, regardless of the size of your enterprise. Contact us today for a free Cloud Assessment and we’ll demonstrate for you how the Cloud can impact your business.