Managed IT

Don't Go IT Alone.

Many small and medium-sized businesses try to tackle Information Technology issues internally, either hiring a single "computer guy" or even putting a manager or owner in charge of IT responsibilities. Our experience has shown this usually results in a mixture of components that are not working together as a cohesive "system". Ultimately, a strategy meant to save money ends up costing much more in the long run. Even larger companies with a dedicated IT department are severely lacking in engineering resources and must rely on outside consultants and integrators to design and implement large projects or support their core systems.

Regardless of size, a broad range of expertise is required in order to make sound technology decisions. IT challenges are so multi-faceted today; businesses can no longer rely on advice and insight from an individual "computer guy" or "office geek" to move forward with business initiatives. Enter Terrapin Solutions’ VISBILIT.

VISIBILIT provides experienced engineers and field technicians who will ensure no technology "bridges" are burned. We will help you develop and execute a plan that fits your company's needs today without sacrificing the future.

VISIBILIT offers many IT related services which can help your business focus on making money. Here are just a few:

  • Windows Server installation and support
  • PC and MAC installation and support
  • Network engineering and support
  • Peripheral Installation and support
  • VPN Installation and support
  • Firewall and edge network installation and support
  • Software installation and support
  • Security installation and support (anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, etc)
  • Internet services installation and support (in-house email, web services, etc.)
  • Citrix Server installation and support
  • Wireless LAN installation and support
  • Backup systems installation and support

Contact us today for a Free Cloud Assessment.  Let us show you exactly how Terrapin’s Managed IT solutions can drive cost out of your business.